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Carry bag
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Carry Bag card can be ordered with the main card during bulk order process. If you don't want to order them now, any item can be ordered at a later date also.

Minimum Order quantity : 50 pieces

Various Sizes Available:

Mini Bag (size in inches - 4.25'x4'x2')

Price: 50 cents each

Small Bag (size in inches - 5.50'x5.50'x1.75' )
Price: 75 cents each

Standard Bag (size in inches - 7'x5'x3.50' )
Price: 1.0 US$ each

Medium Bag (size in inches -8.25'x7'x3.5')
Price: 1.25 US$ each

Half sheet Vertical Bag (size in inches -11.25'x7.25'x3')
Price: 1.5 US$ each

Half sheet Horizontal Bag (size in inches - 9'x11'x2.5')
Price: 1.5 US$ each

Horizontal Large Bag (size in inches -12.5'x16.5'x4')
Price: 2.0 US$ each

Vertical Large Bag (size in inches -17'x10'x4' )
Price: 2.0 US$ each

Picture is just for reference. When ordered, we try and make them to match the main invitation in terms of paper and design. Images for each add on item is shown during proofing process. You can design or change them to your idea or theme.

Example :

we accept: