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Payment Policy Disclaimers
You can place your orders online or give credit card details only to the following via email or phone

Rahul Sablawat +91 98281 11103

Anurodh Sablawat +91 98281 11104
Anurag Sablawat +91 98281 11105
If you are sending credit card information via email, it is strongly recommended that you split the card number into two parts and send them through two separate emails.
Our site does not share your credit card information with third parties.
Our site charges only the amount shown on the order page and these charges are based on the current rate of exchange. You can find the current exchange rates on the order page.
Variations on amount can be due to:
Difference in exchange rates: Credit card companies give 1% to 2% lower exchange rate than the prevailing market rates.
Most credit card companies charge 1% to 3% International transaction fees per transaction. In case of doubts, please check with your credit card company.
In some countries, VAT / GST / PST are applicable. Local duties and taxes are not applicable on overseas shipments. In case of any dues, the same has to be paid by the consignee to the courier company delivering the goods. They will bill you directly for the same and issue a receipt.
we accept: