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Non-Religious Designer Cards
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The times are changing and liberation has seen us come together as one big family with one singular religion, Humanity! It is the compassion and open approach that has seen Interfaith or Multi faith marriages gaining popularity and hence leading to invitations which do not depict one religion or faith. You may think of them as Interfaith, Multi-faith, Non-Religious wedding invitations or cross-cultural wedding invitations. promotes the love of humanity with an ideal range of special classic and unique ethnic designs in handmade paper and other artistic papers for Interfaith, Multi-faith, Non-Religious and cross-cultural marriages. You will witness the distinct ethnic touch of India in our invitations and would be praising the general artistic designs depicting no single faith or belief but only wedding themes.

These Invitations can be used for number of occasions as wedding invitations, bridal shower invitation, reception invitation, baby shower invitation, birthday party invitation, wedding announcement, bar mitzvah invitation, bat mitzvah invites, graduation party invites, or general invitations; you will find a perfect option for every occasion.

Our Wedding invitation cards with timeless beauty and appeal come to you in a collection of unique, cheap & ethnic invitations for every celebration and event.  We cater to the universal invitation needs; be it the American wedding invitation, Chinese wedding invitations, Jewish wedding invitation, Asian wedding invitation, Sikh wedding invitation or Christian wedding invitations, you will find artistic and creative wedding invitation designs in handmade paper and other artistic papers.

Most of the invitations in this sections are exclusive Designer wedding cards and unique wedding invitations  specially created and totally customizable to individual requirements.

You can create your own designer wedding invitation or ask us to make your wedding card. The cards displayed are currently designed for our Indian clients but can be adapted as it is or can be re-created with changes in color, design, size, pattern etc.

So whether its an occasion like wedding or just a point of life when you feel like celebrating; get favorite casual and personal invitations at



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